Dr. Chung-Yao Kao






TEL886-7-5252000 ext.4198


Research Room NoEC6032

Power group faculty

Dr. Chin S. Moo

TEL : 886-7-5252000 ext.4150
Research Room No : EC6009

Research Interests : Power Electronics,Electrical Machines

Lab. Name : Power Electronics Lab

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Dr. Cheng-Tsung Liu

E-mail : liu@mail.ee.nsysu.edu.tw
TEL : 886-7-5252000 ext.4152
Research Room No : EC7009

Research Interests : Design/modeling/control/transient analyses of advanced electro-magnetic motion devices, drives, and micro/macro energy systems

Lab. Name : Electric Machinery System Design Lab

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Dr. Whei-Min Lin

E-mail : wmlin@ee.nsysu.edu.tw
TEL : 886-7-5252000 ext.4153
Research Room No : EC7001

Research Interests : Energy Management System, Distribution Automation, GIS
Lab. Name : Energy Management Systems Lab
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Dr. Chan-Nan Lu

E-mail : cnl@ee.nsysu.edu.tw

TEL : 886-7-5252000 ext.4154
Research Room No : EC6005
Research Interests : Power System Analysis and Protection, Power Quality, Distributed Generations Integration, Smart Grids
Lab. Name : Power System Lab

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Dr. Jen-Hao Teng


E-mail : jhteng@mail.ee.nsysu.edu.tw

TEL : 886-7-5252000 ext.4118

Research Room No : EC8029

Lab. Name : Samrt Grid and Green Enegy System Lab
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Dr. Tzung-Lin Le

E-mail : tllee@mail.ee.nsysu.edu.tw
TEL : 886-7-5252000 ext.4197

Research Room No : EC6006

Research Interests : Power electronics, Microgrids, and DSP applications
Lab. Name : Power Conversion Lab
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Dr. Kin-Cheong Sou

E-mail : sou12@mail.nsysu.edu.tw
TEL : 886-7-5252000 ext.4158

Research Room No : EC8022-1

Research Interests : Applied Optimization, Dynamical System Analysis, Smart Grid
Lab. Name : Power Information and Decision System Laboratory
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Dr. Yao-Ching Hsieh

E-mail : ychsieh@mail.ee.nsysu.edu.tw
TEL : 886-7-5252000 ext.4179

Research Room No : EC8022-3

Research Interests : Power electronics, DC-DC converters, Battery management system
Lab. Name : Power Electronics Lab
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Dr. C.S.Chen

E-mail : cschen@mail.ee.nsysu.edu.tw

TEL : 886-7-5252000 ext.4155

Research Room No : EC8009

Research Interests : Distribution Automation, Cogeneration, MRT E&M Systems
Lab. Name : Power System Application Software Lab
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Program Manager

Ms. Jung-Ting Lee (Celeste)



Phone+886-7-5252000 ext. 4175


Office NoEC6013