Our University - 學校簡介


In 1924, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Founding Father of the Republic of China, incorporated the National Higher Normal College, Kwangtung Provincial Law College, and Kwangtung Provincial Agricultural Technical School into the National Kwangtung University. He declared the school motto to be erudition, examination, contemplation, discernment, and implementation to encourage students and instructors on making unremitting effort to improve themselves.

After the demise of Dr. Sun, to commemorate his contribution and devotion to the nation, the University was renamed the National Sun Yat-sen University in 1926 and its campus site relocated in Shin-p'ai, Canton. After moving to Taiwan, because of the demand for higher education, the government re-established the university in Kaohsiung in 1980 and considered Dr. Sun's birthday (November 12) to be its anniversary. NSYSU has emerged over the years as one of the best comprehensive universities in the country. In 2002 NSYSU was named by the Ministry of Education as one of the country's seven major research-intensive universities. We are the leading national university in Southern Taiwan, and have set the benchmark for high standards in teaching, research, and internationalization. Our curriculum is well balanced to cover most disciplines in liberal arts, management, social sciences, engineering, science, and marine science. It is the common aim of our faculty and administrative team to provide a well-rounded and memorable educational experience for all our students, undergraduate or graduate.

With the dedication of previous and present university presidents, NSYSU continues to prosper and develop, and has become one of the top universities in Taiwan. It consists of six colleges, including the colleges of Liberal Arts, Science, Engineering, Management, Social Sciences, and Marine Sciences, with 20 undergraduate, 37 masters, and 27 doctoral programs. The enrollment has reached 9500 students and the number of full-time faculty members approximates 459.

Located alongside the Hsitzu Bay of Kaohsiung city, the campus leans east against the Longevity Hill, faces west to the Taiwan Strait, leads south to the port of Kaohsiung, and rests north on Mount Chai. With inspiration from the majestic sea all year round, students are awakened by their thirst for truth and advance their knowledge in the liberal ambiance.

Development Features

  1. Create a quality university based on integrated resources
  2. Establish a First Rate International Teaching and Research Campus
  3. Develop General Education with Diversified Comprehensive Curriculum
  4. Cultivate Society's Leaders
  5. Promote Social Interaction as Basis for NSYSU's Strategic Development


NSYSU is the leading international academic institution in Southern Taiwan.

  • Striving to become an internationalized research university
  • Through our solid curriculum, we hope to provide diverse and comprehensive higher education
  • Through research and development, we hope to pursue academic excellence combining theory and practice
  • Through extension services, we hope to become the source of lifelong learning and community outreach