IMEPE - 學程簡介

Introduction of IMEPE:

    The Electrical Engineering Department at National Sun Yat-sen University provides students the capabilities to achieve rewarding careers in designing new products, conducting advanced research, and teaching at all levels of schools. The department has consistently ranked among five of the best EE programs in the nation, and offers all-level (bachelor, master, and Ph.D.) degrees in electrical engineering. With its overall best-averaged academic/research performance among all national research-intensive universities in Taiwan, the electric power related major in the EE department has attained international recognitions and competitions among the related professional societies. The objectives of launching the International Master’s Program in Electric Power Engineering (IMEPE) are:

1. Assisting international students in developing advanced electric power engineering capacities

2. Promoting professional exchanges among international experts in electric power engineering

3. Enhancing the electric power engineering design and analytical capabilities of diplomatic allies


    Based on their academic/professional backgrounds and research interests, the students enrolled in the IMEPE program can choose the following subjects as their research specialties during the study period:

Cogeneration Distribution Automation Dynamic Analyses
Electric Drives Energy Management System GIS
Machine System Designs MRT E & M Systems Power Electronics
Power Quality Power System Analysis Power System Stability
Smart Grid Special Protection System

Renewable Energy Sources



1. Academic Requirement:

    Students enrolled in this program are required to complete twenty-four (24) units of academic courses having three (3) units each. Four (4) of these courses shall be taken from the core courses specifically designed for this program. Students need to seek the advice of his faculty adviser to help him design his academic loading. With the approval of the program director, the remaining four (4) courses can be taken at the students’ liberty from any of the Engineering courses available. The eight (8) specifically designed courses for this program are:

(a) Advanced Electric Machinery Theory

(b) Finite Element Analysis of Electric Machinery Systems

(c) Linear System Analysis

(d) Load Flow Analysis

(e) Optimal Control

(f) Power Electronics Converter

(g) Power Quality

(h) Power System Operations

2. Thesis Requirement:

    A Master's thesis in the field of electric power engineering is a strong requisite for graduation. Students enrolled in this program are required to submit and defend his/her thesis to a panel of 3-5 committee members. The topic of the thesis should be related to his/her specialties and meet the need of the industrial development of the student's country.

Introduction of Laboratories:

1. Professor Chan-Nan Lu's Lab

2. Professor C.S.Chen's Lab

3. Professor Cheng-Tsung Liu's Lab

4. Professor Whei-Min Lin's Lab

5. Professor Chin S. Moo's Lab

6. Professor Jen-Hao Teng's Lab

7. Professor Tzung-Lin Lee's Lab

8. Professor Yao-Ching Hsieh's Lab

9. Professor Kin-Cheong Sou's Lab